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Hatha Yoga is an ancient art

developed in India.


It is a 'Life Science' accessible to all regardless of age or beliefs. It comprises of a consistent and regular practice of three components: postures, breathing and meditation. These exercises facilitate a release of unwanted stress (physical or mental) related tension in the muscles and myofascia of the body, reducing pain increasing flexibility allowing the bodies autonomic healing system to balance the respiratory, digestive and endocrine systems. The methodology and procedures cultivate mental clarity and consequently emotional stability. This allows one to enjoy more easily physical health and a harmonious peaceful way of being.

I offer drop-in classes, private tuition and specific remedial teaching in either a class or private setting.

I teach in the Iyengar tradition. Iyengar Yoga is a style of Hatha Yoga in which there is a particular focus on the structural alignment of the physical body. It is characterised by Alignment Precision, Use of Props & Sequencing.


The teacher instructs the student to perform postures through physical example and very clear verbal instruction which gradually grows in detail and refinement instep with the students capacity. Gradually through a process of repetition the student's sensory perception and coordination of his/her body move from the gross to the subtle as he/she performs increasingly demanding postures


Instruction is given to initiate physical movements in the form of postures (asanas) enabling a student to move into, stay in and come out of a posture in accordance with the breath. These motions can be vertical, horizontal, spiral, expanding or contracting. The instruction and the subsequent  motions are applied to the different parts of the body growing in specificity until they become detailed actions of alignment in establishing and unfolding of the postures.


Singular to this methodology is the Use of Props; belt, blankets, bolsters, bricks, chairs and wall ropes. The props are a signature of BKS Iyengars methodology and have been adopted by many teachers of other styles of Hatha Yoga. In this tradition the props provide a unique aid for understanding the structure of an asana and to help awaken sensory perception…'the felt sense' in the student.

They also facilitate the unfolding of the variations, modifications, and intensifications of postures  enabling the elderly, injured, tired or ill students to benefit from a "supported" asana practise requiring less muscular effort or for a more experienced student to deepen his practice.

A female teacher is also available on request.


I am trained and certified in Deep Tissue, Thai and Shiatsu chair massage with

over 15 years of professional experience.

I offer massage 'a domicile' or in a 'cabinet' and can offer Shiatsu chair massage for events and gatherings. 


A female therapist certified in Holistic, Swedish Massage and Cranio-Sacral Balancing is available on request. 

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Group or Individual coaching combining 2 training techniques; Full Body Functional & High Intensive Interval Training. This involves full-body regimen of exercises such as Pull, Push, Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Rotation that works several muscle groups simultaneously employed in short burst of intense exertion followed by a brief recovery period repeated; H.I.I.T.


I use Swiss Balls, Suspension Straps and body weight.

Fitness Coaching
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